Shown here is a handy summary of rates, facts, statistics and other information regarding car insurance in the state of Utah. Reading this will help you maneuver the lowest possible premium rates on Utah auto insurance.

Utah Minimum Liability Coverage

In Utah, the minimum coverage on auto insurance is known as 25/65/15. This means $25,000 to cover injury to the driver, $65,000 to insure others injured in the accident, and $15,000 to cover property damage. So, if you purchase the minimum car insurance in the state of Utah, the insurance company will pay out a maximum of $105,000 per accident.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Utah

The penalty for getting caught driving an uninsured car in Utah is a fine of $400 for a first offense. Subsequent offenses within a three year period result in a fine of $1,000 and a suspended driver’s license until proof of insurance is furnished. Drivers convicted of operating uninsured vehicles also face higher annual premiums and reinstatement fees.

Auto Insurance Rates in Utah

The average annual car insurance premium in the state of Utah was $1,061 in 2016. This figure dipped well below the national average of $1,347, even though Utah has a median age of 28, the youngest median age of any state in the nation. Also, Utah is one of twelve “no-fault” states. This means that car insurance companies in Utah will pay monetary benefits regardless of who (if anyone) caused the accident. No-fault laws are often accompanied by higher annual premiums. However, according to reports from, counterbalancing factors affecting Utah auto insurance premiums include Utah’s relatively low rate of uninsured vehicles (only about eight percent), as well as a low population density, low neighborhood crime rates and a low percentage of DUI traffic fatalities.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Utah

Utah vehicle owners have access to a number of ways to cut car insurance costs. Popular premium-reducing maneuvers include paying annual premiums all at once, increasing one’s deductible, improving one’s credit score, choosing vehicles that are relatively inexpensive to insure and qualifying for every possible discount. Discounts available from most car insurance carriers include good driver discounts, good student discounts, defensive driving course discounts and multiple auto discounts, among others. When receiving a quote from an insurance agent, always factor in the discounts to compare rates.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Utah

Based on consumer reports, Utah’s favorite auto insurance carriers are Farmers Insurance, Farm Bureau and American Family Insurance. Still, some local vehicle owners are more comfortable with locally owned businesses like Western National. Whatever your personal style, all you need to do is call around and compare quotes. And ask about the discounts. Then take the best offer. Local car insurance carriers are, after all, more or less competitive.