Here’s the latest available information on car insurance in Pennsylvania, along with facts, stats, rates and helpful hints on how to score the best possible deal when shopping for Pennsylvania auto insurance.

Pennsylvania Minimum Liability Coverage

Throughout the state of Pennsylvania, the minimum required amount of coverage required for each auto owned is $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), to cover the costs of injuries to the driver; $30,000 worth of coverage against injuries inflicted on other people; and $5,000 in coverage against property damage. Insurance carriers refer to the minimum auto insurance coverage in Pennsylvania as 15/30/5.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Pennsylvania

The penalty for driving an uninsured motor vehicle in Pennsylvania is a $300 fine and a suspended driver’s license for three months. Additional inconveniences include reinstatement fees, raised premiums and the wrath of other drivers. Fortunately, Pennsylvania has a relatively low percentage of uninsured vehicles. Roughly 93 percent of vehicles in Pennsylvania are at least minimally covered against injuries and property damage.

Auto Insurance Rates in Pennsylvania

The average annual auto insurance premium in the state of Pennsylvania was $1,305 in 2016. This figure was slightly below the national average of $1,347. According to researchers at, Pennsylvania’s average premiums would be even lower, if not for the fact that Pennsylvania is one of twelve “no-fault” states. This means that car insurance companies in Pennsylvania cover the cost of an accident regardless of which driver is at fault. Premiums tend to run higher in no-fault states.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Pennsylvania

Carriers are known to offer all kinds of deals like safe driver discounts, senior citizen discounts, good student discounts, anti theft device discounts, multiple car discounts, multiple policy discounts and whatever else insurance providers can think of to encourage safe driving habits and edge out their competition.

Some licensed Pennsylvania drivers qualify for the Good Driver discount by NOT driving for three years, thereby obtaining the “perfect driving” record that scores an Accident Free discount (for avoiding accidents) and a Good Driver discount (for avoiding moving violations). Others reduce yearly premiums by paying all at once instead of month by month, or by accepting higher deductibles on their policies.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Pennsylvania

According to, the top ten auto insurance providers in the state of Pennsylvania are Allstate, Erie, Geico, Liberty, Nationwide, Progressive, State Farm, Auto Owners Insurance, Travelers and 21st Century. Still, some Pennsylvania car owners opt for regional carriers like Franklin, Mercer or AIS. Pennsylvania is home to thousands of agents offering auto insurance at competitive rates. Compare quotes. Ask about discounts. Above all, have a safe trip.