Scroll down for a brief summary of data, facts and recent rate information on car insurance in the state of New York. Driving around without liability insurance is clearly not an option, but you can utilize these helpful hints to get the lowest possible premiums on New York state auto insurance.

New York Minimum Liability Coverage

Laws governing the state of New York impose a minimum required auto insurance coverage of $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $50,000 of per-accident insurance for injuries to other people, and $10,000 in coverage against property damage. In other words, the state of New York mandates a total of $85,000 in liability coverage for each vehicle owned. Insurance carriers call New York’s minimum coverage requirement “25/50/10.”

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in New York

If you are caught driving without proof of insurance, it is presumed that you are driving an uninsured vehicle. The penalty for driving an uninsured vehicle in the state of New York is a fine of up to $1,500 and/or as long as fifteen days in jail, plus a civil penalty of $750. These are stiff penalties as compared to other states, which helps explain New York’s very low rate of uninsured vehicles on the road.

Auto Insurance Rates in New York

In 2016, the average annual auto insurance premium for drivers in the state of New York was approximately $1,050, quite a bit lower than the national average for the same year, which was $1,347. But this is a statewide average, and so it doesn’t tell us very much. For instance, the average annual premium for New York City car insurance in 2016 was about $2,918. You might as well just hail a cab.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in New York

There are a number of different ways for vehicle owners in New York to keep car insurance costs as low as possible. One way is to pay off your annual premium all at once, rather than month by month. This saves money in administrative fees. Another way is to get an address (at least temporarily) in another city or another state that offers cheaper rates.

Some drivers save on premiums by increasing their deductibles. Some people obtain a drivers license and don’t use it for three years, as public transportation is readily available, especially for city dwellers. In this way they create for themselves a picture-perfect “driving” record and are entitled to Good-Driver discounts. These are just a few of many viable options for lowering your car insurance premiums.

Probably the best way to save on car insurance is to qualify for every possible discount. Driving safely (or not at all) can earn a Good Driver discount. Getting good grades can earn a Good Student discount. Being fifty-five or older may make you eligible for a senior citizen discount. Most insurance carriers offer low cost discount programs.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in New York

New York’s favorite car insurance companies are Economy Premiere, Old Dominion, Chubb, 21stCentury and American Automobile Insurance. Also popular are smaller carriers like Erie Car Insurance and Mercer Insurance Group. Call around and compare quotes. Ask about discounts. Check the carriers’ complaint ratios online. Then simply grab the lowest priced package from the carrier with the fewest complaints against it. It really is that easy.