Here are some recent facts, stats, rates and state laws pertaining to car insurance in the state of New Mexico. Read on to learn how to find the best New Mexico car insurance at the lowest possible rates.

New Mexico Minimum Liability Coverage

In the state of New Mexico, the minimum amount of auto insurance required for each owned vehicle is $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $50,000 of insurance against injuries to others, and $10,000 in coverage against property damage. So New Mexico state law mandates a total of $85,000 in liability coverage for each vehicle on the road. Insurance carriers refer to the minimum auto insurance coverage in New Mexico as 25/50/10.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in New Mexico

Drivers in New Mexico must provide proof of insurance coverage at the time they register their vehicles. This means that if you drive without insurance, you are also driving an unregistered vehicle. Nonetheless, roughly twenty-six percent (26%) of vehicle owners in the state of New Mexico are driving uninsured vehicles. New Mexico has the second highest rate of uninsured vehicles in the whole United States, according to reports from

Drivers pulled over in vehicles that do not have the minimum liability insurance are subject to fines of anywhere from $300 to $1,000, and/or 90 days to 3 months in jail, along with suspended licenses until insurance is obtained.

The New Mexico Mandatory Financial Responsibility Act states that an owner of an uninsured vehicle must return the vehicle registration and the license plate to the Motor Vehicles Department within ten days of receiving the Notice of Suspension of Registration letter, or criminal penalties may follow.

Auto Insurance Rates in New Mexico

The average annual insurance premium for passenger cars in the state of New Mexico was $1,277 in 2016, a bit lower than the national average of $1,347. According to reports from, New Mexico’s relatively low premiums may have something to do with the state’s low population density, low crime, high median age, strong economy and mild climate. The premiums would probably be even lower of not for the state’s unusually high rate of uninsured vehicles.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in New Mexico

There are a number of different ways for vehicle owners in New Mexico to cut car insurance costs to the minimum. One way is to pay off your annual premium all at once, rather than monthly. Another tactic is to increase your deductible amount. Also helpful is buying certain types of vehicles, such as makes and models rarely stolen in your area, or cars with permanently installed safety features. These are all valid ways to lower your premiums.

However, experts agree that the best way to take a big chunk off your annual rates is to qualify for every possible discount. Drive safely and earn a Good Driver discount. Get good grades and earn a Good Student discount. Seniors 55 and above can get a defensive driving course discount. Other programs offered by most carriers include multiple policy discounts and multiple auto discounts. Call around and compare discounts.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in New Mexico

According to online consumer reviews, popular car insurance carriers in New Mexico include Allianz, Ameriprise, AIG, American National, Auto Owners Insurance, Geico and West Bend Mutual. Start collecting free quotes by phone or online. Then factor in all of the low cost options available to you. Doing this just once can save you hundreds of dollars a year in car insurance.