The state of Nebraska is known for its overall low cost of living combined with a strong economy. For Nebraska drivers, auto insurance premiums are lower, on average, than they are in most U.S. states. Read on for recent rates, stats, laws and facts pertaining to Nebraska car insurance. This helpful summary will help you find your lowest possible rates.

Nebraska Minimum Liability Coverage

Nebraska, like most states, imposes a minimum required insurance coverage for each owned vehicle. Drivers must buy at least $25,000 in personal injury insurance, $50,000 in per-accident coverage for physical injuries to others, and no less than $25,000 in coverage against property damage. Insurance carriers refer to Nebraska’s minimum required car insurance coverage as 25/50/25. Still, experts recommend 100/300 coverage per vehicle, as well as Uninsured Motorist (UMI) protection. Despite the legal requirement, roughly one out of every thirteen vehicles on Nebraska roads is uninsured.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Nebraska

The penalty for getting caught driving an uninsured passenger vehicle in Nebraska is suspension of your driver’s license until proof of financial responsibility is provided. Additional penalties include reinstatement fees and raised premiums. Strangely, no fines. These penalties are not too stiff in comparison to other states. Still, Nebraska has a relatively low percentage of uninsured drivers.

Auto Insurance Rates in Nebraska

The average insurance premium for a vehicle owned in the state of Nebraska was around $1,188 in 2016. This is comfortably lower than the national average, which was $1,347 at that time. Reports from indicate that Nebraska’s relatively low average premium on car insurance has something to do with the state’s low crime rates, low percentage of uninsured vehicles, relatively few speeding fatalities, and a low incidence of DUI deaths (only about fifty per year), not to mention the kind of strong, steady economy that attracts financial giants like Warren Buffet.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Nebraska

Vehicle owners in Nebraska have ample resources for reducing the cost of car insurance. For instance, most carriers offer discounts to encourage safe driving habits. Available discounts include Good Driver discounts, Accident Free discounts, Good Student discounts, Senior Citizen discounts, Multiple Policy discounts, and Multiple Automobile discounts, among others. Some Nebraska drivers further reduce their rates by paying off annual premiums in advance, raising their deductible amounts, installing vehicle safety features and (above all) maintaining safe driving habits.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Nebraska

Based on recent cost comparisons, customer satisfaction ratings and consumer reviews, Nebraska’s most favored auto insurance carriers are Acuity, Allianz, Farmers Mutual, Amica Mutual, Geico, Travelers, Nationwide, State Farm, Progressive, Farmers and American Family Insurance. Call any or all of these, and ask the agent for a free quote. Then ask about discounts. Then compare rates and select the cheapest plan. Following these simple steps can save you hundreds each year in car insurance costs.