Looking for the lowest possible rates on Missouri car insurance? Shown here are the latest rates, stats, laws and facts pertaining to auto insurance in the state of Missouri. Scroll down for helpful hints on how to custom design the perfect Missouri car insurance package for your budget.

Missouri Minimum Liability Coverage

Missouri state law mandates no less than 25/50/10 coverage for each owned vehicle. In other words, Missouri drivers must purchase at least $25,000 in Personal Injury Protection, $50,000 in per-accident coverage for others who are injured, and $10,000 of insurance against property damage. However, legal minimums on car insurance often do not cover all of the actual costs involved, according to researchers at the Insurance Information Institute. They recommend at least 100/300 coverage for all privately owned vehicles. They also recommend Uninsured Motorist (UMI) coverage to protect against being hit by a driver who is uninsured or leaves the scene of the accident.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Missouri

The legal penalty for getting caught driving an uninsured vehicle in the state of Missouri is a suspended driver’s license or the assessment of four points on an active driver’s license. Subsequent violations result in harsher penalties, including hefty fines.

Auto Insurance Rates in Missouri

The average annual premium for auto insurance in the state of Missouri was $1,056 in 2016. This number was significantly below the national average, which was $1,347.

Auto insurance agents calculate premiums based partly on site-specific variables like local climate, topography, commercial economy, percentage of uninsured drivers, insurance plan availability, crime statistics and population density, to name just a few determining factors. Other influences on annual premiums are driver demographics like age, gender, marital status, driving history, criminal record and vehicle type, among other things.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Missouri

Most auto insurance companies serving the state of Missouri offer discounts. Among the available low cost car insurance programs are Accident-Free discounts, Good Driver discounts, Good Student discounts, Multiple Automobiles discounts, Multiple Policy discounts, Vehicle Safety discounts and Defensive Driving Course discounts, to mention some examples. When comparison shopping for insurance quotes, find and qualify for as many discounts as are available to you. This is the best way to cut car insurance costs, short of moving to another state that offers cheaper premiums.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Missouri

According to consumer reports, Missouri’s top ten auto insurance carriers are Amica Mutual, Erie, Auto Owners Insurance, Shelter Insurance, State Farm, Geico, Alfa, Kemper, Country and Encompass. Still, many Missouri drivers opt for smaller local insurance providers like Direct General. Either way, Missouri is home to the offices of many auto insurance agents who offer adequate coverage at competitive rates. Call around and compare costs. Then go for the carrier with the friendliest agent who offers the biggest discounts.