Shown below is the most recent available data regarding Indiana auto insurance. Peruse this page to learn about minimums, premiums, Indiana state laws and how to choose the insurance plan that works best for you.

Indiana Minimum Liability Coverage

The minimum required amount of car insurance coverage for each vehicle owned in the state of Indiana is 25/50/10. This means that Indiana drivers must purchase at least $25,000 in coverage for personal (bodily) injury, $50,000 in coverage for injuries to others, and $10,000 coverage to pay for property damage caused by automobile accidents.

Statistical researchers at the Insurance Information Institute actually recommend 100/300 coverage for drivers throughout the nation. Also recommended for Indiana drivers is UMI (Uninsured Motorist Insurance) coverage, as roughly sixteen percent of owned vehicles in the state of Indiana are uninsured. In fact, Indiana ranks twelfth among states for the number of uninsured drivers on the road.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Indiana

Getting caught driving a car without insurance in the state of Indiana is punishable by a ninety-day license suspension for first offenders, or a one-year suspension for repeat violations within a three-year time span. To have a suspended license reinstated in the state of Indiana, a driver has to pay a reinstatement fee of as much as $300.

Driving without insurance in Indiana is known in legal circles as a “Class A infraction” for first-time offenders and a “Class C misdemeanor” for multiple violations. Infractions are not considered crimes and you cannot be imprisoned for an infraction violation. A fine of up to $10,000 can be imposed, but no jail time.

Auto Insurance Rates in Indiana

The average annual auto insurance premium for drivers in the state of Indiana was $1,113 in 2016. This is noticeably lower than the national average annual car insurance premium, which was about $1,347 during the same year.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Indiana

An Indiana driver can save up to 25 percent on car insurance with a Home Auto Discount. Perform a Google search of “Indiana home auto discount” for details. Additionally, most carriers of car insurance offer safe driver discounts, good student discounts, multiple auto discounts, price reductions for using anti theft devices, discounts for completing courses in accident prevention, multi policy discounts and more. Ask every agent you speak with about your eligibility for available discounts on Indiana car insurance. When comparing quotes, factor in those discounts. They really do add up.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Indiana

Among the nation’s most highly regarded carriers of auto insurance are Geico, Allstate, Auto Owners Insurance, The Hartford, Encompass, State Farm and 21st Century. Still, many Indiana drivers opt for coverage from regionally known companies such as Erie or Farm Bureau. The state of Indiana is home to many dozen auto insurance companies that offer a full range of services and discounts at competitive rates. Simply call for quotes, compare costs and choose the least expensive plan that works for you.