Here is some recent data pertaining to Idaho automobile insurance. This information will help drivers in Idaho keep their car insurance premiums to a minimum. Read on to find the Idaho car insurance plan that works for you.

Idaho Minimum Liability Coverage

The minimum required auto insurance coverage in the state of Idaho is 25/50/15. This means that Idaho drivers are expected to purchase at least $25,000 in coverage for personal injury, $50,000 in coverage against injury to others, and $15,000 worth of coverage for property damage. However, even these amounts are often insufficient funds to cover the actual cost of an accident. Experts actually recommend 100/300 insurance coverage for each owned vehicle anywhere in the United States, despite the minimum requirements being set much lower.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Idaho

In Idaho, first offenders caught driving uninsured vehicles face a fine of $75 and a suspended or restricted license for three to six months. Repeat offenders face fines of up to a thousand dollars and license suspension for more than six months. Getting caught driving with a suspended license results in mandatory jail time. Even if you don’t get caught, the cost of an auto accident can leave you financially ruined.

Auto Insurance Rates in Idaho

The average annual premium for auto insurance in Idaho was $935 in 2016. The national average car insurance premium at that time was $1,347 per year. Idaho was the fourth cheapest state to buy car insurance in 2016, and also had the fourth lowest rate of DUI deaths. Idaho also has low crime rates and a relatively small percentage of uninsured drivers. Only about eight percent of Idaho’s drivers are uninsured. According to analysts at, these factors could account for the lower-than-average annual premiums on auto insurance in Idaho.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Idaho

The vast majority of car insurance carriers in most U.S. states offer discounts as incentives to drive safely. For instance, the Defensive Driving Course Discount is generally available to drivers 55 and older who have successfully completed a Motor Vehicle Accident Prevention Course approved by the Department of Public Safety. The Accident-Free Discount is available to licensed drivers who avoid an accident for three years. The Good Student Discount is offered to adult full time students with high grades. The Multiple Auto Discount is offered to owners of more than one vehicle. When comparing quotes for Idaho car insurance, remember to ask about and compare available discounts.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Idaho

According to recent customer comparisons and satisfaction ratings, the five most highly regarded auto insurance providers in America are Auto Owners Insurance, The Hartford, State Farm, Geico and 21st Century Insurance. Other carriers popular in Idaho are Allstate, Liberty Mutual and Travelers Insurance.

No matter what your circumstances, Idaho probably has an automobile insurance plan that suits your individual needs. Idaho agents are always on hand to provide competitive quotes on auto insurance. Call several local agents and compare online quotes to learn more.