Here is some pertinent information about Arizona car insurance rates, annual premiums, discounts and state laws, along with some useful tips on how Arizona drivers choose the car insurance coverage package that works best for them.

Arizona Minimum Liability Coverage

The minimum required auto insurance in the state of Arizona is low as compared to other states. Arizona drivers are required to insure each owned vehicle with $15,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $30,000 in per-accident coverage and $10,000 in coverage for damage to other people’s property. Insurance carriers use a short hand version of minimum auto insurance coverage requirements. Arizona requires 15/30/10 in car insurance.

Comprehensive car insurance covers you if your car is stolen, and is recommended for Arizona residents in border towns. Car theft is more frequent in Arizona than in most other states, probably due to Arizona’s close proximity to Mexico, according to the Arizona Insurance Council.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Arizona

Arizona drivers who get caught driving without the minimum Arizona auto insurance are subject to fines of at least $500, along with a suspended driver’s license. Additionally, reinstatement of licenses and registrations incur fees, and require the driver to file an SR-22 form as proof of financial responsibility.

Auto Insurance Rates in Arizona

The average annual car insurance premium for the state of Arizona in 2016 was $1,188. The national average during this time was $1,347 per year for car insurance. So Arizona has relatively low premiums on car insurance, although rates vary from one region to the next. For instance, auto insurance premiums are higher in Phoenix and Tuscon than they are in more remote regions of the state.

Factors taken into account when insurance agents figure car insurance premiums include local weather conditions, commercial economy, percentage of uninsured vehicles, population density and neighborhood crime rates, to name a few. Other influences on annual auto insurance premiums are the driver’s age, gender, marital status, driving record, vehicle type and physical or mental health, among other things. State laws also play a role.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Arizona

Most Arizona auto insurance providers offer discounts to reward or encourage responsible driving practices. Available programs include Accident-Free discounts, Good Driver discounts, Good Student discounts, Multiple Auto discounts, Multiple Policy discounts and Vehicle Safety discounts, among others. Discounts can be added together in the same policy, so apply for as many discount as you qualify for. Compare the various discount programs offered by different providers.