With a little planning, Alaska car owners can enjoy below average premiums for car insurance, while still adhering to state-mandated guidelines. The following summary represents the latest available info about car insurance in the state of Alaska. This will help you choose the auto insurance package that works best for you.

Alaska Minimum Liability Coverage

Insurance terminology calls the minimum required insurance coverage for each vehicle owned in the state of Alaska “50/100/25.” These numbers refer to the dollar amounts (in thousands) paid out in accident-related damages to insured drivers, and to others who suffer injury or property loss from the accident. In other words, Alaska drivers are required to purchase no less than $50,000 in Personal Injury Protection (PIP), $100,000 in per-accident protection and $25,000 in coverage against property damage. Maine and Alaska are tied for having the highest minimum required bodily injury liability limits in the U.S. However, in Alaska, the rules do not apply statewide. Many Alaskan villages do not require auto registration or insurance. The Alaska DMV publishes an annual list of areas with no car insurance requirements.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance in Alaska

Driving without insurance in Alaska can result in a fine of $500 for each offense, along with getting your license suspended for 90 days, or possibly even revoked. If this happens, the driver must file an SR-22 form (proof of minimum coverage) as part of the mandated car insurance policy. The driver must then carry the SR-22 for at least three years.

Auto Insurance Rates in Alaska

The average annual premium for Alaska car insurance was $1,078 in 2016, according to available statistical data. This is low compared to the national average, which was $1,347 for the same year. According to experts at Top50States.com, Alaska’s low car insurance rates are probably the result of Alaska’s low crime rates, as well as a very low population density, which results in far fewer auto accidents.

Low Cost Car Insurance Programs in Alaska

As in most states, auto insurance companies in Alaska offer various discounts for good driver behavior, both on and off the road. Super safe drivers might score an Accident-Free Discount or a Good Driver Discount. Good student discounts are also available, as well as defensive driving course discounts (for senior citizens), multiple auto discounts, multiple vehicle discounts and multiple policy discounts. Also available are passive restraint discounts, anti-theft discounts and vehicle safety discounts, among others.

Obtaining Auto Insurance Quotes in Alaska

The state of Alaska is home to dozens of insurance carriers that provide auto insurance coverage at competitive rates. Popular options include national favorites like ABC, Geico, Allstate, The Hartford, State Farm and 21st Century Insurance. Call several agents and compare quotes. Or do a comparison of free online quotes. Ask about their discount programs.