The Best Car Insurance Companies in America

You might think America’s best car insurance companies are the ones with the most coverage at the lowest premium rates. This may be true, but it doesn’t tell the whole story. There’s also the issue of reputation. A well reputed auto insurance company is one that has very few complaints against it.

According to, the top ten most reviewed auto insurance companies (with a five-star rating being the highest) are Geico (2,805 reviews, 3 stars), State Farm (2,539 reviews, 1.75 stars), Progressive (2,314 reviews, 2.9 stars), Allstate (1,375 reviews, 1.2 stars), USAA (1,030 reviews, 1.5 stars), Esurance (711 reviews, 1.1 stars), Nationwide (700 reviews, 3.1 stars), AAA (642 reviews, 3 stars), Liberty Mutual (636 reviews, 2.9 stars), and The Hartford (416 reviews, 1.9 stars).

These low-to-mediocre star ratings based on so many reviews do not speak well for some of our nation’s biggest auto insurance companies. It would seem that owning a sizable share of the market does not guarantee customer satisfaction.

Meanwhile, another website states that the top ten auto insurance companies in terms of customer satisfaction are AAA, USAA, State Farm, Erie, The Hartford, Progressive, The General, Geico, Nationwide, and Met Life, in that order.

According to Consumer Reports, the top two car insurance carriers are USAA and Amica, with State Farm, Mercury, and Geico landing somewhere in the middle of the pack, while Allstate, Met Life, and Liberty Mutual are among the lowest rated.

Despite the differences of opinion, it seems that a 3-star consumer rating is about as good as it gets for most car insurance companies. No insurance carrier is perfect, but one thing’s for sure: There are certainly enough of them to choose from.

Anyone can go online and read consumer reviews about insurance companies to learn about their premium rates, the quality of their customer service, and what really happens to policyholders who are involved in auto accidents. But you can spare yourself the trouble, as we’ve already done the work for you.

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List of Best Car Insurance Companies